Entre redes

Is it possible to combine craftmanship and design
to help keep the tradition of a small fishing village alive?

How can we collaborate to empower a group of women
who fight for the future of their work?

“Entre Redes” takes place in my hometown A Guarda,
a small fishing village in Galicia, near the Portuguese coast.
A place where throughout history, local collaborative work between women has been essential for the economical growth of the town.


The redeiras are a collective of women netmakers traditional from Galicia, who are currently in danger of extinguishment. In order to pass on their profession to newer generations, they must innovate and diversify their work, but always maintaining the origin and identity of their tradition.

“Entre redes” aims to incorporate this collective of women netmakers in the design process of a product, combining the individuality of their artisan techniques with the possibilities of design and innovation.
My objective is to revalue the art of netmaking, and encourage collaborative work between women.

Bolina, handmade by local redeiras, represents the magic of craftmanship,
of those objects which tell a story, due to the individuality and emotion with which they are made.

The Bolina chair is handmade by the redeiras from left-over pieces of fishing rope waste which returns from sea.
These ropes are knotted around individual metal curved structures, which are then joined together by traditional fishing knots,
without the use of any screws or glue. As a result, a very resistant structure is created, which represents the origin of the material,
maintaining its the natural form and characteristics.