America’s Cup 2024

"Parlem de Mar," an exhibition presented by the Nautical Foundation of Barcelona, designed in collaboration with producer White Horse, Folch studio and Domestic DataStreamers. This space is designed for the 37th edition of the historic sailing regatta held since 1851, to be held next June 2024 in Barcelona.

This ephemeral space is an exhibition that takes advantage of the sea as a paraphphrastic conduit of humanity, our connection with the environment and the diverse importance that the ocean has in our lives.

Within the space, in collaboration with the "Atalaia" Association of the "Atalaia" net cover, I was in charge of designing the net cover, a modular surface of 12 m2. This cover, handmade by them from net recovered from the sea, is reusable and can be assembled in different arrangements, depending on the place and interests.