Available at www.sarsey.com from June 3rd, 2022

Volanta, inspired by old sea objects,
is handmade with recovered fishing nets.

This imperfectly stained material is woven onto a lamp structure by the Galician net makers, the “redeiras”, following their same process, tools and technique as used when repairing a fishing net.


A Guarda is a small fishing village in Galicia where, throughout history, local collaborative work between women has been essential for the economic growth of the town. One of their most significant traditions is the art of net making, carried out by a collective of women known as the “redeiras”. Due to the lack of visibility and generational renewal, their craftwork currently suffers danger of extinguishment. 

Volanta revalues the importance of craftwork, giving the “redeiras” a new opportunity to expand and give visibility to their art, yet always maintaining the origin and identity of their tradition.